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Office Space

A boost to your company

What is it?

When it needs it the most.As the name suggests an incubator is an environment that helps small businesses in the most critical development stage. Much like a baby, a small enterprise requires lots of time and resources; the problem is that when you are creating a business resources are scarce and that is when we come in. We provide a platform for start ups that will allow them to grow aided by the infrastructure that we possess.

Virtual Office

Let us be part of your idea.

What we offer?

We have years of experience in software development; online marketing, SEO, and business dealings.We put at your service our expertise, office space, and a meeting room.


At Harbour

Why choose us?

We invest in what we believe.You can rest easy knowing that if we partnered with you it is because we believe in your project and we will do what we can to see it take off.